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   Changzhou Spring Source Garden Supplies Company is located in Xinbei District Changzhou city of Jiangsu Province. As a professional garden supplies manufacturer,we export all the products to the overseas.Our main products are PLANT STAKES,NETS AND KINDS OF GARDEN ACCESSORIES.Our company has professional product design and development department and excellent production equipment. Our products are produced strictly according to ISO9001 International quality control standard.
    Since our company founded on 1999,we are developing step by step.There are more than 100 staffs in our company now.

·Net line
·Peg Line
·Protect Line
·Stakes Line
·Tie Line
Insect Net
Channel Net
Anti Bird Net
Shading Net
Plastic Peg
Steel Peg
Weed Barrier
PE Film
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  • Non Woven Fabric
    Steel Bamboo
    Spiral Stakes
    Plant Stakes
    Nature Bamboo
    Flower Support
    Flower Screen
    Tunnel pipe
    Tomato Cage
    Soft Tie
    PVC Tie
    Breeding Pot
    Bending Wire
    Twist Tie
    Tree Tie
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